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Image by Paolo Nicolello


Reiki is a hands-on healing modality that encourages your body’s natural healing process and relaxation response. Reiki is Universal Life Force Energy. “Rei” means spirit or soul, and “ki” means energy or force. Reiki is the electricity that powers all life. The practice of Reiki is the focused flow of this energy. It brings your mental, emotional, spiritual and physical bodies into their highest and healthiest, vibration.


Our bodies are self-healing wonders. They know exactly how to bring us back into balance, under the proper conditions. Too often, we inhibit our natural healing response with poor diet, lack of sleep, working too much, leaving emotions and traumas unresolved, and not honoring the desires and knowledge of our heart. When we find ourselves falling out of balance, we can feel overwhelmed, exhausted, anxious, depressed or unfulfilled, as well as low energy, achy and susceptible to illness and disease. When we use techniques like Reiki, we can bring ourselves back into balance and high vibration. In a healthier and more vibrant state of being, we attract like energy. We find ourselves sick, stressed, and down on our luck less and less often. Raising our vibration changes everything.


If you have felt comfort, peace and wellbeing holding the hand of someone you love, surrendering to a big, warm hug or snuggling with your pet, you have already experienced Reiki! We are here on Earth together to help each other heal. We already do it naturally, without effort. Imagine what can be done when we are intentional about this work. This is the practice of Reiki. 

These sessions are recommended periodically between hypnotherapy sessions to provide energetic support while integrating deep emotional and subconscious transformation.

60 minutes


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