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Clinical Past Life Regression

Have you ever pondered the idea of life prior to or after your current life? 


Clinical Past Life Regression Therapy uses hypnotherapy to access information stored deep within the memory of the soul. We can explore familiar connections to people and places, and reoccurring dreams. We can discover the root of emotional wounds, mysterious phobias, and even find connections to current states of the body. 


There is much conjecture as to what we are experiencing in a past life regression. Are you recalling another life that your soul has lived? Is it an elaborate metaphor that the subconscious mind is creating? If we are all one, are we able to tap into the collective consciousness to recall any life relevant to what we need to see in order to heal?

You can decide after you experience it for yourself. 


The purpose of this work is to encourage healing through the embodiment of an alternate experience. To ensure that you are ready for the depth of this work, a clinical past life regression is divided into two sessions. The first will assess your readiness, and any current life blocks or trauma that need to be addressed before exploring beyond this life. After the first session, we will determine together if more current life work would be beneficial, or if you are prepared to schedule a past life regression on a separate date. If you decide that this work is not a fit for you, a 50% refund will be issued after the initial assessment session. 


Ready to learn more? 


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Two-Part Session


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